Term 3 week 2 reflection

This week has been very interesting…

Out of the 5 days, I think that Tuesday was the best, because we had S.E.L and PE in the morning, because I love P.E. Later that day we learnt how to add and subtract fractions, which was very fun. We have also have been working on our maths passport. My least favourite thing that happened this week was the Yoga session, because all we did was yoga poses and deep breathing. I loved the way Mrs E was teaching us in such a fun and exciting way.


WHERE THEY LIVE: your chances of seeing an Albatross are limited. Albatrosses mainly live in Antarctica, Australia, South Africa and South America. They belong to the tube nose family. Albatrosses rarely come to land except to have babies, and to make their nests. They prefer remote islands, rather than crowded beaches.


SIZE + PREDATORS: Albatrosses are one of the largest sea birds in the world, and look a bit like giant seagulls. The Great albatross has the largest wingspan reaching 12 feet! There are 21 species of albatross that mainly live in the southern hemisphere. 19 out of 21 albatross species are endangered because they can get caught up in fishing nets, killed by poachers and killed by predators such as crocodiles and sharks.


LIFESPAN + DIET: The average lifespan for an albatross is 42 years, the oldest albatross ever, was 63 years. Albatrosses eat squid and smaller fish by swooping down on the water’s surface and grabbing them with their talons. They drink sea water even though it is very salty. The salt they take in is absorbed, and moves through their blood stream into a pair of salt glands above their eyes.


Talons: Claw particularly belonging to a bird.

Absorbed: soaked in.








Term 3 reflection

I enjoyed this term because we had a gymnastics round robin every Wednesday.  We got to have challenges after it. Sometimes Morgan and Kevin had to make up their own stations because the trampoline wasn’t working. I especially liked the maths because sometimes Ms Scott put on a maths song that we got to sing-along to. (We were learning about BODMAS) Next term, I’m very excited because the Seniors including me are going camping at Camp Rumbug. All the Seniors are also going to MSAC to have some fun swimming, and going on water slides. Next term I would like to study plants and how they live.

I’m grateful that we got to go to parliament house in Victoria and learnt about how to do a role-play of how the professionals made speeches.

                                                                                                               Date 10 – 8 – 1

Jake’s highlights


It was a nail biting game, with great defense and awesome shooting. One of the stand-outs was Penny Taylor (Australia) shooting brilliantly. Penny Taylor is great when it comes to fast break layups.

France made a come back by Shooting lots of three pointers. It comes down to this last quarter. France did some great passing, but not for long Penny Taylor stole the ball and went for a fast break layup. It wasn’t long before the game ended and Australia won!

Scotties Satisfying Food

It was a beautiful morning in Blackburn South, birds cheeping, joggers talking, by the way my name is Jake and I’am a food critic. Today I will be tasting 3 different foods.

Lets start with the Salada crackers diped in the Tzatziki hommus. It was a scrumdidlyupsios  taste with a massive crunch to the cracker. The cracker is rough, with a pinch of sult all over. The Tzatziki hommus on the other hand has a gooey and lemony taste. They are a great combination and I recommend you try it.

The second food I tried was the blueberries. It was soft and squishy on the outside, and Zesty and tangy on the inside. I wonder what would happen if I added hommus to the blueberries?

My final food I tasted was seaweed crackers with a lump of normal hommus on top of it. The hommus tasted rough but beautiful. The crackers tasted creamy.

Overall I really liked the food I ate and I will definitely go there again.



A Scary Fright

One cold night on midnight Halloween, my friend Tim was happily kicking the footy with me. We were doing it because along time ago, we used to eat a heap of delicious donuts. We got sicker and sicker until, we decided we were not going to eat any more. So we ended up being active instead. What we didn’t know was that we were lurking in a dark scary forest where the most destructive monster lives. Her name was Shelly. She had blue buttons for eyes, and a dark black coat. But the worst thing is that she was was a small doll that could teleport as fast as the speed of light.

We heard a rustling sound behind us. “What was that?” I said. We turned our scared bodies around to see what it was. “Nothing” Tim said. But lurking though the trees was a house. Which was very funny because it’s was so abandon in most forests. “Let’s go check it out” I whispered. “No lets go back” Tim said. I just kept nagging and nagging him until he said “okay”. So we walked in quietly and I thought to myself “Mayby it was a good idea to go back”. When we walked in the house we heard a noise that sounded like a small cry. We went to see what it was. It was a small dark figure that had cuts all over its wooden face. We couldn’t quite see the full body because as soon as we turned the corner we fell down a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY deep hole that led us to the underworld.

When we reached the bottom we didn’t die because the ground was made up of slime and guts. “AWW-DANG” I said sadly. “ELEVATOR” Tim said. WE rushed over. But there were a tun of skeletons. I took the spear out of the ground and whacked all of the skeletons over until we could reach the elevator. We pressed the buttons for the elevator to take us back to earth, but the writing was written in undead language. Somehow Tim found a way to hack the elevator to take us to earth.

We ran home screaming jumped through the door and went to bed with, “A SCARY FRIGHT!!!”

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is remembered as the man who saw an apple fall from a tree, and was inspired to invent gravity. Isaac Newton was born on the 4, of January 1643. And died 31, of March 1727. Isaac Newton was born on Christmas morning, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire. He was a tiny baby, given little chance of survival.