A Scary Fright

One cold night on midnight Halloween, my friend Tim was happily kicking the footy with me. We were doing it because along time ago, we used to eat a heap of delicious donuts. We got sicker and sicker until, we decided we were not going to eat any more. So we ended up being active instead. What we didn’t know was that we were lurking in a dark scary forest where the most destructive monster lives. Her name was Shelly. She had blue buttons for eyes, and a dark black coat. But the worst thing is that she was was a small doll that could teleport as fast as the speed of light.

We heard a rustling sound behind us. “What was that?” I said. We turned our scared bodies around to see what it was. “Nothing” Tim said. But lurking though the trees was a house. Which was very funny because it’s was so abandon in most forests. “Let’s go check it out” I whispered. “No lets go back” Tim said. I just kept nagging and nagging him until he said “okay”. So we walked in quietly and I thought to myself “Mayby it was a good idea to go back”. When we walked in the house we heard a noise that sounded like a small cry. We went to see what it was. It was a small dark figure that had cuts all over its wooden face. We couldn’t quite see the full body because as soon as we turned the corner we fell down a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY deep hole that led us to the underworld.

When we reached the bottom we didn’t die because the ground was made up of slime and guts. “AWW-DANG” I said sadly. “ELEVATOR” Tim said. WE rushed over. But there were a tun of skeletons. I took the spear out of the ground and whacked all of the skeletons over until we could reach the elevator. We pressed the buttons for the elevator to take us back to earth, but the writing was written in undead language. Somehow Tim found a way to hack the elevator to take us to earth.

We ran home screaming jumped through the door and went to bed with, “A SCARY FRIGHT!!!”

One thought on “A Scary Fright

  1. Hey Jake, I like the storey I just found a few mistakes like dole which is meant to be doll and maby which is meant to be maybe. Keep up the good work – P.S like the name of your pet,

    From Will

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