Scotties Satisfying Food

It was a beautiful morning in Blackburn South, birds cheeping, joggers talking, by the way my name is Jake and I’am a food critic. Today I will be tasting 3 different foods.

Lets start with the Salada crackers diped in the Tzatziki hommus. It was a scrumdidlyupsios  taste with a massive crunch to the cracker. The cracker is rough, with a pinch of sult all over. The Tzatziki hommus on the other hand has a gooey and lemony taste. They are a great combination and I recommend you try it.

The second food I tried was the blueberries. It was soft and squishy on the outside, and Zesty and tangy on the inside. I wonder what would happen if I added hommus to the blueberries?

My final food I tasted was seaweed crackers with a lump of normal hommus on top of it. The hommus tasted rough but beautiful. The crackers tasted creamy.

Overall I really liked the food I ate and I will definitely go there again.



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