WHERE THEY LIVE: your chances of seeing an Albatross are limited. Albatrosses mainly live in Antarctica, Australia, South Africa and South America. They belong to the tube nose family. Albatrosses rarely come to land except to have babies, and to make their nests. They prefer remote islands, rather than crowded beaches.


SIZE + PREDATORS: Albatrosses are one of the largest sea birds in the world, and look a bit like giant seagulls. The Great albatross has the largest wingspan reaching 12 feet! There are 21 species of albatross that mainly live in the southern hemisphere. 19 out of 21 albatross species are endangered because they can get caught up in fishing nets, killed by poachers and killed by predators such as crocodiles and sharks.


LIFESPAN + DIET: The average lifespan for an albatross is 42 years, the oldest albatross ever, was 63 years. Albatrosses eat squid and smaller fish by swooping down on the water’s surface and grabbing them with their talons. They drink sea water even though it is very salty. The salt they take in is absorbed, and moves through their blood stream into a pair of salt glands above their eyes.


Talons: Claw particularly belonging to a bird.

Absorbed: soaked in.




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  1. Hey Jake,
    I enjoyed your post about albatross, it’s really cool.
    Did you know that they live out at sea, if you see one, it means your close to land and someone made a song called “I’m an albatraoz” (the song writer spelled it that way.
    your friend,

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