My holiday at Corowa

On term 1 break My family and I did lots of great things as a family. We went for a family day out at the zoo, and went to the cinema to watch Zootopia, And we had a great holiday at Corowa

On the first week of the school holidays my family and I drove to Corowa. It took us a very long time to get there so we played Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, which is when someone thinks of an animal mineral, vegetable, and the rest of the people have to take it in turns of asking questions to answer it.

When we got there, all of our old friends were there, which was really nice because we haven,t seen them in a very long time. The next day it was Easter Sunday. My brother and I got up very early to see the Easter eggs we got, and we certainly got a lot. Later that day all of the kids including me had an Easter egg hunt. I thought  it was superb because everyone got to have a go.

The next day we were leaving. I did not want to go because I was having a fantastic time with my friends.

Overall I really liked the time at Corowa.

About Me

My name is Jake.

My favorite colour is green.

My favorite food is roast pork.

I have one brother that is three years younger.

My favorite sport is basketball.

I have two cute and playful cats.


Basketball Semi – Final

Last Saturday I played my basketball grand final with James R. It was a really tough game because my team and I were versing Vermont.  My Team did especially well because none of us hogged the ball, and when we passed a lot it leads to a score.

At the last half it was a close score. One of the players in Vermont shot a 3 pointer. We one and we are into the GRAND FINAL!!! Because of that it is because we made most of our free throws.

We were so excited that we are in the grand final next Saturday. We just can’t wait.